Guided Cleanse

Reset your gut with this 21 day protocol

This anti-inflammatory cleanse is an in-depth program with attention to detail. The intention is to allow your gut to rest and reset while cleaning your body of any potentially inflammatory foods and toxins. You will get a deeper understanding of how foods affect you and your overall wellness, mental state, and energy levels. Through this cleanse you will significantly reduce systemic inflammation. The duration will allow for a greater reduction of overall toxicity.

This 3-week cleanse can help provide a greater sense of contentment, higher levels of energy, improved resilience, and a better overall mood. The cleanse is whole-food based with options for additional supplemental support. It’s time to increase your energy and really live!

Included in the cleanse:

  • A pre-cleanse guide with steps for preparation, recipes, and shopping lists.
  • Three weeks of guided direction including: handouts, articles, tips to help navigate the cleanse successfully.
  • Weekly assignments.
  • One phone call per week.
  • Email access to Firebright Kim with questions.
  • Shopping lists, meal planners, detox food diary.
  • Suggestions for optional supplemental support.
  • A guide for reintroduction of foods.
  • Support to go through this process thoughtfully and with a detective mind.

Your investment: $150 (does not include supplements)