Navigating food intolerances

Discovering you have a food intolerance can really knock you back. It is a daunting task! You need to understand how to read food labels so you can figure out which foods have hidden ingredients in which you are intolerant. You will need to make new food choices and experiment with new recipes. Shopping can seem like a monumental task when you are trying to wade through all of the foods and labels while staying true to your taste preferences.

This program will help you jump those hurdles! I will teach you how to get a solid grasp on your options.

How can I help? We can spend time in the grocery store, create food lists and shopping lists, and look at different foods to replace the one(s) you need to omit from your diet.

I will help you take out the guess-work when it comes to food choices so you can gain confidence and obtain a solid knowledge around your options.

Your investment:

  • Free initial 20 minute consult
  • $100 for the initial client care appointment
  • $80 per hr for subsequent consult appointments
  • $100 per week for ongoing week to week guidance on the roadmap we’ve created for you, including recipes and shopping lists(optional).
  • Any supplements or testing suggested are not included. I will help you source for best quality and price.
  • Shopping experience $75 for 1 hour
  • Package of initial consult, shopping experience and a second session to map out your plan: $200